Independent Financial Advisor

At the heart of great financial service provision is spending the time to understand each individual’s ambitions and desires. For Independent Financial Advisors the challenge of managing time between clients, investment portfolios and keeping up to date with market fluctuations can be daunting.

That’s where Dalebrook Capital offers solutions. As partners to you, you outsource your integrated investment function to us so that you can focus on what’s most important: your clients. For direct share portfolios we enable you to focus on personalised client service, while we manage the daily portfolios to ensure financial performance. Optimising the profitability of your book is core to our advisory role and function.

Our unique investment approach

Find out more about our unique investment approach, where we focus on individual needs and tailor solutions that reduce risk, maximise efficiency and leverage data capability to produce sustainable growth.

We Offer

  • Tax-efficient structures

  • Co-pilot approach that embodies a partnership structure

  • Flexible global capability with daily hands-on approach

  • Multi-resource expertise in-house for complex problem-solving

  • Management of multiple portfolio types including equity, balanced, offshore and more, as well as forex transactions

This means you get

  • More quality time to spend with your clients and developing your business/client base

  • Knowing that your client’s portfolios are being expertly managed

  • Growing confidence through performance whilst maximising face-to-face time with your clients

Our global vehicles

  • Segregated portfolios at stock brokers of your choice

  • Reg28 portfolios

  • Cash solutions